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Hacienda Guindaleza

Our farm resides in the central-south part of Puerto Rico, in between the three tallest peaks of the island, on the region of Toro Negro Rainforest. Blessed with a varied climate and fresh water springs, our coffee trees benefit from a unique year round weather, perfect for specialty coffee production.

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Same coffee + different process = More flavors

Washed Process

We de-pulp our coffee cherries, then store them for at least 24 hours, allowing them to ferment. After which, we washed them, removing all the mucilage left. Once clean, we sun-dry them for 4-6 days approximately. Finally they are ready to be deparched and then roasted.

TerrafÉ Medium & Dark Coffee
Honey Process

Our fresh coffee cherries are de-pulped, but allowed to dry without washing. Most of the cherry is gone, but there's golden/sticky mucilage remaining; reminiscent of honey, which is where the process gets its name. The result is a naturally sweet, fruit-foward cup of coffee.

Alquimia Honey Process Coffee
Natural Process

Dry processed coffees are dried in the full cherry. Which is why they tend to have more fruit and fermented flavors, because the bean has more time to interact with the natural sugars from the cherry. We use this process in our "coyol" cherries, which are picked near the end of the harvest. (COMING SOON)

Alquimia Natural Process Coffee

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